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The Royals Season 2 Cast - Who Will Be Replacing Ivar Forsling?

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If you are a fan of The Royals you might be wondering whether Prince Erik will return for the second half. It's not true, and there is a reason. In this article, we'll look at how he'll be replaced, Pernilla's role, and the potential of the show's new bodyguard, who turns out to be a con man. We'll also be discussing Queen Helena’s relationship to Wilhelm.

Ivar Forsling, Prince Erik, won't be back

Although it is hard to believe that Ivar Forsling, the Young Royals star, won't be returning to the royals season 2, he's a well-known actor and a great choice for the role. As the mysterious Jocke, he was recently seen in the Swedish crime drama Morden i Sandhamn. The Young Royals season 2 will focus on the events that occurred after August revealed his sex tape.

Pernilla's roles during the royals season 2.

Pernilla has had a variety of roles throughout her career. Pernilla August has appeared in many popular movies, including 1999’s The Phantom Menace. Pernilla, who was Shmi Skywalker and the mother of Anakin Skywalker, made her Star Wars debut as Pernilla. She is also featured in Clone Wars television episodes.

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Conman turns out to have been Queen Helena's bodyguard

Helena is eight when the tragedy begins. She suspects her dad of criminal activities but does not have any evidence. As she grows older, she collects more evidence against him and focuses her efforts on martial arts training. Her mother is killed when she turns 21, and she attempts to get revenge on her father. She is almost killed by a hitman. She uses "The Huntress" as her new name to protect herself.

Relationship between Queen Helena and Wilhelm

Young Royals, a Netflix drama, combines Gossip Girl-style twists and a royal background. Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Riding) goes to an elite school for children. There, he meets Simon who is a student on a scholarship. Young Royals will add compelling characters to the story, in addition to the royal couple.

Queen Helena's relationship with Simon

The series continues with Queen Helena, the matriarch of a fictional contemporary British royal family. The family faces both traditional and unusual family dramas. Helena’s twins, Prince Liam & Princess Eleanor, love the hedonistic pleasures a royal life. Liam was originally set to be next king. However, Helena revealed that his father was not the true father of the prince. Although Queen Helena was supposed to have her children inherit the throne when her husband died in an unfortunate accident, her relationship with King Simon was so complicated that Liam, her son, didn't inherit this throne. King Simon's brother, an ex-british spy, took over the throne.

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The Royals Season 2 Cast - Who Will Be Replacing Ivar Forsling?