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Louisiana's Most Famous Musicians

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The state of Louisiana has a unique culture that musicians from Louisiana have brought into their music. The state is also home to some of the most popular music styles, including jazz, zydeco or bouncy. Below are the top Louisiana musicians. You will find some of their greatest performances in the following article. Let's take a look at these legends. Then choose which one you prefer! There's a Louisiana music style that suits everyone.

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong, a legendary figure of the 20th Century and a brilliant soloist, had a profound influence on popular music for many years. He began his career in the band of fellow cornetist Joe "King" Oliver and became equally proficient on both instruments. Armstrong's trumpet playing paved the way for two historic series of recordings in the mid-1920s. He was also a star in movies. This article will highlight some of his greatest musical achievements and influence on popular music.

Huddie Ledbetter

Huddie was born in Lafayette Louisiana on 1888. His uncle Terrell gave an accordion to him. He was an alone child. He played the guitar at local parties and started singing in brothels. In 1935, his uncle pardoned. When he was released from prison, he joined the band of politically-motivated folk musicians and made their way to New York. His song "Good Night, Irene" became a number one hit for The Weavers, and he recorded several other songs for other musicians, including The Weavers.

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Pete Fountain

After establishing a successful career as a jazz pianist, Pete Fountain began an extended association with the Los Angeles-based record label Coral Records. Although his music moved away form jazz, it leaned more towards instrumental pop. However, critics were unimpressed. Fountain died in hospice care in New Orleans. Beverly Fountain Harrell, Jeffery Fountain and Darah Fountain Harrell are his children. Del Materne is his sister. He also lost his Porsche and vintage gun collection as well as a part-time job at a damaged casino.

Brian Jones

Brian Jones was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He began his studies in classical music as a child, but soon switched to the blues. His love for the blues and rock 'n' roll music led him to study country, jazz, and other genres. In high school, he worked at a Blues Club and did odd jobs to support his family. He was captivated by blues music when he attended a live concert of the Chris Barber Band at Cheltenham Town Hall. Jones was accompanied at the concert by Alexis Korner (guitar player). This guitar player performed a blues segment and played slide guitar. Jones loved it. Jones also listened Elmore James' records. This gave him his first exposure of the blues. He started to hitchhike when he was 12 years old.

Lainey Wilkinson

Lainey was born in Baskin Louisiana. She grew to love country music and was raised eating a home-cooked meal. She even went along with her grandfather to bluegrass concerts. Lainey has combined these influences into Sayin’ What’m Thinkin’ which she released on Broken Bow Records.

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Dr. John

Dr. John, a New Orleans jazz icon and musical legend, is the legendary musician. Louisiana native Dr. John started his career in 1955 and was featured on numerous popular records. He was a member of Frankie Ford's, Professor Longhair's, and Art Neville's albums. Later, he worked with Cher and Sonny and Cher and also the Rolling Stones. He developed a persona, and character, that would later be associated with his music and name: Dr. John The Night Tripper.

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Louisiana's Most Famous Musicians