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Eleanor and Jasper, the Royals

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If you've watched the television show, Jasper the Royals, you've probably been curious to learn more about the characters. Kathryn is one of the four characters. Eleanor Robert and James Hill are other examples. Learn about their fascinating lives and how they relate with Jasper. You can also read about Eleanor’s connection to Jasper. Here are some highlights from the show. So, what do they have in common?

James Hill

Rocky Marshall stars in the role of Jasper the Royals on the children's television show. The show is about a family of royals. Jasper is the main character of the series. He is most well-known for his nickname Mister Caterpillar. His mother, Sara Alice, is also a character on the series. Jasper is a charming young boy who lives with his aunt and mom in England. Eleanor asks Jasper often about her relationship, and he is always curious about Liam. Jasper is extremely jealous of the romantic relationship.


Jasper & Eleanor are a couple who have overcome any obstacle that comes their way. It seems like they're ready to make their relationship public. They seem to have gotten over everything that stands in their way, and they don't care what anyone else thinks. They have been together many years and have been through almost everything. They may now be ready to share their love publicly.

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Fans have long wondered about Robert the Royals' fate. The series' most watched episodes featured King Robert and Queen Wilhelmina Hentridge. They get engaged and are married in the Season 4 finale. Although Jasper does not appear to get down on one knee in the episode, it appears that he did so to keep his distance from the throne. Fans agree, despite Jasper's passing, that the wedding was unexpected and that the Royals weren't trying to create a romantic climax.

Jasper's relationship with Eleanor

In the novel, Eleanor's relationship with Jasper begins when Jasper blackmails the young princess into having sex with him. If she doesn't have sex, he threatens to fire her from her palace job. Jasper is taken into custody again after she refused to have sex with him. Eleanor helps bail him out. Jasper's life is at risk, so Eleanor continues the story.

Eleanor's relationship with Cyrus

Jasper, the Royals has Eleanor in a complicated relationship with Cyrus. Although the Queen is worried about Eleanor's fate, she cannot accept that Cyrus isn't her father. This is a difficult decision that the Queen has to make but she does it anyway. Jasper must resolve the differences with Eleanor in an effort to win her back, but it is not easy.

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Eleanor and Liam's relationship

Eleanor's complicated romance with Liam of Jasper the Royals has been complicated. While she would prefer to be with Liam alone, her father doesn't want her to marry Helena. She is faced with the dilemma of whether she should stay in Jasper or travel abroad to find Robert a husband. Eleanor begins a new relationship and falls in love with Sebastian, while Liam struggles with Helena.

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Eleanor and Jasper, the Royals