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Nigerian Musicians Don Jazzy, Davido, Tiwa Salvage, and More

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Don Jazzy, Davido and Burna Boy are just a few of the many Nigerian musicians who have made a name for themselves. But what is it that makes these artists stand out from the rest? Continue reading to learn more! We'll also examine the importance and benefits of having local recognition as well as business connections in order to be successful in the industry. Next time you visit the supermarket, check out these new artists.

Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy is a very popular Nigerian musician. He is an important figure in the Nigerian music scene, and an untold hero to many upcoming artists. Don Jazzy has many talents. He is an expert in songwriting as well music production. This article will give an overview of the man's career. These are his most notable credits.


Born in Lagos, the musician grew to be a musician in Oakwood (Nigeria). Later, he studied music at Babcock University. His degree was in 2015. He released his first single during his first year at Babcock. Davido was able to compose his own music, and began performing after he had graduated from Babcock. Davido's first song was about his father. It was entitled "My Father" which became a worldwide hit.

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Burna Boy

Burna Boy might sound like a rapper or musician from the United States when you first hear it. Burna Boy was actually born and raised in Nigeria's Port Harcourt. Burna Boy was born in Nigeria and raised there. Burna spent the summers at language immersion camps in France, Togo and the UK. Later, Burna returned to Nigeria where he began to study Nigerian music.

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Salvage is a Nigerian Artist. The viral hit "Kele Kele Love" which she self-produced made her famous. In 2012 she signed with Mavin to release her long-awaited debut CD Once Upon a Time. 2014 saw her win the MTV Africa Music Awards Best Female Category. Jazzy, a fellow musician, helped her to produce her second album.

Don Baba Jay

Don Baba Jay is a Nigerian musician, singer-songwriter, record producer and multi-award winner. He is also the CEO of Mo’ Hits Records, a record company he founded in 2004. Forbes Contents ranks him 36th in Africa as the most powerful celebrity. Don Baba J is his common name. Don Baba Jay is often misunderstood as a man his own age. But he insists that the woman who haunts him is more mature. He has become a vocalist and speaker for the entertainment industry, sharing opinions on issues that affect our country's music scene.

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Ujah Idibia

Innocent Ujah Idibia is one of Nigeria's most prominent pop stars. His role in the growth of Africa's music scene is often remembered. His sound is influenced by Reggae as well as R&B but still retains an African identity. Ujah Idibia, a musician hailing from Benue state.

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Nigerian Musicians Don Jazzy, Davido, Tiwa Salvage, and More