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Child Influencers-Ethical and Legal Issues

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Child influencers are a common phenomenon in today's digital environment. Even though the law can help in extreme cases of child labour or child abuse, it is not yet regulated. Therefore, marketers need to take steps to minimize the risks of exploitation and abuse. Here are a few things to keep in mind. These are the most important concerns surrounding child influencers.

Children influencers are eligible for work permits

Some critics have complained that the current laws are too restrictive and difficult for them to enforce. Assemblyman Kansen Cho signed a bill in January that exempts child-influencers under 13 years old from working permits. However, they are not required to work more than one hour and their performances are unpaid. Moreover, many critics say that it is nearly impossible to enforce the laws regarding child influencers because digital content is unregulated and doesn't have to adhere to any strict schedule.

Another proposal is that parents would need to apply for work permits for "Kidfluencers". This permit would enable the government to track parents profiting from their child's social networking activity. It would also allow lawmakers to collect data about the consequences of these actions, such as the relationship between social media use and school absences. This knowledge could inform future interventions to address these issues. This approach does have one flaw.

Concerns regarding the exploitation child influencers

The Internet has made it possible to exploit child influencers through social media platforms. Many children are exposed to adult sexualization and content they don't like on these social media platforms. Desmond Napoles (11-year-old boy) is an example of this. He makes his money by promoting videogames. Though he is still a child, he is already generating thousands of dollars each month.

Children who are famous for their posts can face greater productivity pressures to keep their popularity and their audience. Online backlash and bullying can also result in content creation pressures that could lead phedophilia. There is always the chance that a child's private moments could be exploited to make a profit for a company.

Regulation of the industry: Challenges

Many ethical, legal and social issues have been raised by the growth of the child influencer business. Child labor, privacy, and the ethics of showing children's lives to social media viewers are just a few of these issues. France passed a law asking how exposure to celebrities can affect children's mental and physical development. French legislators also pointed out the risks of child pornography, and harassment via online videos.

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However, while child influencers have a large audience and an increased number of subscribers, their popularity has also resulted in increased monetary profits. YouTube has over five million subscribers. The channel was started by parents. This channel features game reviews, challenges and sponsored videos. It blurs the line between hobby and business. Additionally, child influencers face legal issues, such as parental embezzlement.

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Child Influencers-Ethical and Legal Issues