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Eleanor McPherson Keeps the Royals Under Her Kontrolle

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Eleanor McPherson discusses her manipulation of Prince Andrew and Camilla to avoid scandalous affairs. You can also find out about Prince Andrew's sexual assault suit, his association to a sex offender, and Camilla’s relationship with the rich. Regardless of her influence on the Royals, her personality will turn heads.

Her control over the royal family

A recent interview with Oprah Winfrey sparked outrage among the royal family and media observers alike. The Queen, also called "The Firm", leads an institution with a strict hierarchy. Although the queen is considered the head of state and has the final authority over the monarch, it is not clear if the royal family will be able to maintain its image. Oprah's interview with the monarch exposed her dependence on senior royals to be her representative, raising questions about the monarchy’s control over the royal family. Media observers have been sceptical about the royal family's image, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty.

Prince Andrew's liaison with a wealthy sexual offender

The Duke of Cambridge has stood by Jeffrey Epstein's relationship. The former finance executive has been accused of sexually abusing minor girls and having an affair in Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club. Epstein was allegedly photographed with the Duke cuddling up to him in Central Park, 2011. Prince Andrew denied that Epstein had a criminal past and said it didn't affect their royal relationship.

Although the king was supportive of his friend but he has refused to speak with US prosecutors about Epstein's relationship. After hearing of the relationship, the alleged victims wept with relief. Prince Andrew's association with Epstein is yet another scandal involving the royal family. While he denied any connection to Epstein, speculations and accusations of sex abuse have only increased.

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Prince Andrew's relationship with Camilla

It has been long since the relationship of Camilla with Prince Andrew was under scrutiny. The royal couple's 12-year age difference means that the two share some of the same history. Andrew is the heir apparent to the throne, while Charles is second in line behind his brothers, William and Harry. Although Andrew has remained close to Camilla, rumors of bad blood have rocked the relationship.

Camilla and Prince Andrew were in a relationship that began in the late 1960s. This eventually led them to marry. Andrew Parker Bowles’ brother connected them. Andrew worked in Mayfair as a winemaker. The couple was engaged in 1973. The couple was both aged 25 and 33 at the time they got married. They had 2 children: Tom, a godson from Prince Charles, and Laura who was born in 1978.

Prince Andrew's sexual abuse lawsuit

A federal judge has declined to dismiss a sexual assault lawsuit against Prince Andrew. Virginia Giuffre is the plaintiff in the suit. She claims she was forced to have sexual relations with Prince Andrew as a minor by a former financier. The judge denied the claim that the duke tried to dismiss the case. He stated that the allegations were "baseless." Andrew's legal counsel has said that it will defend the claims before the court.

Giuffre was the victim in a sex-trafficking ring that targeted young females in the 1980s. Jeffrey Epstein was the owner of the ring and pleaded guilty to sexual crimes in the United States. However, he committed suicide before his trial. Giuffre’s lawyers claim Andrew visited Jeffrey Epstein’s island several times from 1999 to 2010, and was included in the 'little book' that he kept on visitors. The ring contained contact numbers for at most 12 different telephone numbers.

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Eleanor McPherson Keeps the Royals Under Her Kontrolle